Business Loans

How Do Business Loans Work: For Small Business

Starting a business, expanding a business, and gaining access to working capital are all reasons why you might seek external funding. Figuring out how business loans work is essential for any entrepreneur looking to create a successful business.

The ins and outs of how business loans work can be complex, and taking out the wrong loan can be just as damaging as failing to secure funding at all. In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about what a business loan is and how they work.

Business Loans

Small Business Loans For Realtors: Funding Guide

Have you started your own real estate business?

If so, you may be concerned about how to get small business loans for realtors to have enough working capital to jumpstart the process. Most real estate firms operate with commission-based payment plans, so they have irregular business income. This uncertainty can make it difficult to establish or expand your company. 

However, you don’t need to wait around for your next sale to finalize to begin working towards your business goals. Consider startup real estate business loans to acquire working cash when you need it most, no matter when your next check is coming in. 

To help you determine if small business loans for real estate agents are right for you, we’ve created a quick guide detailing your options.

Small Business Marketing

Marketing to Generation X: How to Market To This Group

Marketing to Generation X presents its own unique challenges. This generation embodies shopping characteristics from both their older baby boomer counterparts and the younger Generation Y (more commonly known as millennials). Understanding Generation X marketing characteristics and what makes this generation unique will help you to access a tremendous amount of buying power. Here’s what you need to know about Gen X marketing.

Business Planning

Partnership vs Corporation: Similarities & Differences

Any small business owner needs to decide on a legal entity when they incorporate. The decision is a big one because it impacts your structure, legal obligations, taxes, and bottom line. There’s considerable debate over partnership vs. corporation and which one works best. If you’re struggling to decide on the right legal entity for your new venture, here’s what you need to know.

Business Loans

How to Start a Makeup Business: A Step-By-Step Guide

The makeup business is one of the most profitable in the U.S. In 2019, the makeup industry generated $49 billion in revenue. Starting your own makeup business offers you a chance to claim a piece of that. With relatively low startup costs and the potential to operate part-time, this is an increasingly popular option for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for beauty products. Let’s explore how to start a makeup business and what you need to do to make it successful.

Equipment Financing

A Guide to Cannabis Equipment Leasing

The cannabis industry includes a range of companies and organizations. On one hand, there are marijuana growers using high-tech equipment to cultivate premium quality harvests. On the other, there are product manufacturers, dispensaries, medical marijuana clinics, cafes, and CBD-focused organizations.

One thing all of these businesses have in common is the use of some form of equipment as part of their business process. Indeed, cannabis equipment is essential to thousands of companies involved in the cultivation and processing of this unique plant. 

Cannabis equipment leasing or other financing types can help businesses access machinery without impacting their liquid capital. So, whether you require hemp equipment financing, marijuana equipment financing, or access to capital to improve your cannabis business, this post is for you.

Equipment Financing Restaurant Financing

Restaurant Equipment Financing: How Does It Work?

Restaurant Equipment Finance 101

New restaurants and established ones share a common problem: it isn’t easy to expand your business without capital for new equipment. 

If you’re not keen on running to the bank to take out another loan, you may not feel like you have any channels to grow. However, this doesn’t mean you don’t have the option to secure the necessary equipment. One avenue open to you is through restaurant equipment finance. 

Whether you’re looking into restaurant equipment leases or financing, we’re going to cover when (and if) you should consider taking out restaurant equipment loans.