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Merchant Cash Advance funds quickly with minimal paperwork. Once contracts are signed, funds are wired within hours.

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Get funded based on future sales without strict credit requirements or collateral. And there's no prepayment penalty. Ever.

Credit isn't perfect? No problem.

We understand your credit doesn't reflect the health of your business. We review banking statements to get the full picture.

Fixed cost of capital

We keep things simple for better budgeting and cash flow management. No variable APR or interest rate. Just a fixed cost of capital.

Why Companies Choose L3 Funding

Funding amounts from $10,000 to $10 million

Funding Amounts From

$10,000 – $10 million

Funding terms from 6 to 18 months

Available Terms

6 – 18 months

Same day deposits

Time To Funding

Same Day Deposit

How Does Our Process Work?

L3 Funding makes it super quick and simple for you to apply for a business cash advance. Our process does not require extensive and stressful paperwork and long processing times. Here's how it works in four simple steps.

1 Apply Online

No need to waste your time and efforts with long applications - just send us our 1 page application and 4 months of your most recent business banking statements and we'll get to work.

2 Underwriting

Once we receive your application and bank statements, our software processes it and gives a score to your business based on our set criteria. This enables us to determine the best MCA funding options for you.

3 Review Offers

If you are approved for the cash advance or a business loan, one of our funding professionals will get in touch with you to discuss the available business advance cash loan offers and terms over the phone.


After you sign contracts and complete the requirements - we'll send the funding over via wire transfer or ACH. Typically, funding is done same-day or next day on a merchant cash advance.

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What is a Business Cash Advance and How Does It Work?

A business cash advance, also known as MCA funding, is a type of loan that is based on the future revenue that a company will produce. In other words, a company can receive a small business cash advance immediately, and then cover it by selling future sales to the lender at a discounted rate.

Unlike a traditional loan, where you can borrow a fixed sum and then pay interest until the amount is paid in full, a business cash advance uses a fixed sum that will need to be paid back in the form of a percentage of all future sales.

For this reason, these types of capital cash advance funding options are popular among companies that deal with point-of-sale technology, such as those operating in retail or hospitality. A cash advance for business allows companies to pay back the loan by giving back a percentage of every single transaction, making it much easier to manage.

What is the Application Process Like?

L3 Funding has created a seamless and straightforward application process that doesn't take much effort, and doesn't require any extensive paperwork.

First, you fill out a simple online form, sending through a one-page application. You'll also need the last four months of your business bank statements.

Then, our system will review and score your business based on our criteria, which will then enable us to provide you with the best business cash advance options for your situation. Next, one of our representatives will reach out to you, presenting the possible terms we can offer, and providing you guidance on how you might proceed.

Finally, after signing a contract, you can expect to receive the funds you applied for either the same day, or the day following.

What Do You Need to Be Approved?

As mentioned before, the process of applying for a fast business cash advance is straightforward and painless. However, there are certain requirements that you must meet if you want to be approved and receive your funding. Namely, you need to operate a business that accepts credit or debit cards and has a high enough turnaround to be realistically able to pay back the loan.

Some of the types of businesses that typically benefit the most from a business cash advance include hotels, retail outlets, beauty salons, flower shops, and restaurants, to name a few.

You will also need to be able to prove that your business is generating sales through your bank statements, which will allow us to provide you with specific options that are available to you in terms of the amount that we can fund and the rates that we can offer.

What Can an Advance Be Used For?

There are numerous reasons a company might need a quick business cash advance—since the process of getting it is quite fast and straightforward, companies might use a capital cash advance for both emergencies and planned investments.

For instance, if you are anticipating an influx of sales because of a shopping season in your sector, you can use a business cash advance to stock up on inventory at wholesale prices and maximize your profits for the quarter.

Another common reason for raising merchant cash capital by using a cash advance is to keep the cash flow steady during slower months. This, in turn, can help you avoid fluctuations and the potential challenges of keeping the business going.

Finally, if your business is booming and you want to expand or open up in new locations, using the services of merchant cash advance lenders like L3 Funding can help you quickly raise capital and pursue the available opportunities.

What Are the Benefits of a Business Cash Advance?

Business cash advance funding is on the rise, with more and more businesses opting for this type of financing every year. And, when you consider the benefits, that's not surprising.

This type of funding allows companies to receive funding very quickly, with the application process often taking mere hours, and money reaching the account on the same day the funding is approved.

What's more, cash advances work well for businesses that might not have an impeccable credit rating. At L3 Funding, we want to get the whole picture of a company, and will look at bank statements before providing rates and deciding whether or not the business qualifies.

Finally, since we do not require collateral, businesses don't have to risk their assets or credit rating, instead covering the funding with future sales.

Why L3 Funding is the Right Choice for Your Needs

At L3 Funding, we specialize in providing flexible business cash advance terms to small and medium businesses. We understand that every situation is unique, and try to work with companies to offer a solution that is the most beneficial for their particular needs.

And since your business might need funding right now, we have streamlined the application process to make it as short as possible: you can have funds delivered to your account within hours, with minimal paperwork required. Unlike many other business cash advance lenders, we don't ask our clients to provide collateral, and we don't judge them based on their credit score alone, so you can get rates and terms that are more favorable.

Finally, our simple business cash advance approach doesn't have variable APR or interest rates. Instead, we use a simple and easy to understand fixed cost of capital approach. Apply for the working capital you need today!

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