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Unsecured Start Up Loans for Small Businesses

Big tools for small business

Lending solutions utilized by the the world’s largest businesses brought to Main Street with the click of a button.

No collateral required

Unsecured business loans provide the ability to leverage your business without pledging collateral.

Save time on paperwork

Spend time on your business, not on paperwork. Our loans fund much faster and with less paperwork than traditional bank products.

Payback flexibility

Choose from weekly or monthly payment terms and save on interest with early replayment. No prepayment penalty.

Why Companies Choose L3 Funding

Loan Amounts

$20,000 – $10 million

Available Terms

6 – 10 years

Time To Funding

24 hours

How Does Our Process Work?

L3 Funding makes it super quick and simple for you to apply for a business cash advance. Our process does not require extensive and stressful paperwork and long processing times. Here's how it works in four simple steps.

1 Apply Online

No need to waste your time and efforts with long applications - just send us our 1 page application and 4 months of your most recent business banking statements and we'll get to work.

2 Underwriting

Once we receive your application and bank statements, our software processes it and gives a score to your business based on our set criteria. This enables us to determine the best MCA funding options for you.

3 Review Offers

If you are approved for the cash advance or a business loan, one of our funding professionals will get in touch with you to discuss the available business advance cash loan offers and terms over the phone.


After you sign contracts and complete the requirements - we'll send the funding over via wire transfer or ACH. Typically, funding is done same-day or next day on a merchant cash advance.

What are business loans?

Often, the major factor limiting growth in small businesses is access to capital. You may have the vision and strategy in place, but without funding, it is difficult to take your company to the next level. Business loans can be a solution to this issue.

As the name suggests, these are loans offered to small businesses by private lenders. Business loan lenders, such as L3 Funding, provide small business owners an opportunity for funding even when they don’t qualify for conventional financing.

The loans offered by L3 funding are unsecured. This means you can get a small business loan without collateral.

How do business loans work?

Business loans are issued to borrowers in exchange for interest payments on the loan. While loan requirements are less stringent than large banks, L3 Funding will still conduct a financial background check on the borrower. The interest rate will largely depend on this check, factoring in the borrower’s credit rating and repayment history of previous micro loans (if applicable).

L3 Funding typically lends out to borrowers who don’t have access to traditional financing. Historically, lenders started lending out start up loans to entrepreneurs in less developed nations. This would have applied to people launching businesses in third-world countries, small business loans for women, or other entrepreneurs where funding is not available locally.

Today, L3 Funding continues the same spirit of serving small businesses by providing funding access to American business owners who need it most.

Benefits of small business micro loans

Here are some of the top benefits of small business micro loans:

  • No collateral required: Certain conventional loans require you to secure your loan with assets. If you don’t make repayments, you may risk losing your home, car, or even your business. Our small business loans are unsecured and do not require collateral.

  • Easier access: Conventional banks will not qualify individuals with poor credit ratings. In contrast, qualifying for a micro business loan is possible even with a less than stellar credit score.

  • Quick and easy process: Where traditional loans can take months to complete, our loan process can be much quicker. In fact, same day business loan funding is common after all the approvals have gone through.

  • Meet business objectives: Whether it’s launching your business, making that key equipment purchase, or hiring more staff, that extra bit of funding can make the difference in your business’s success. Every bit counts in a competitive marketplace, and a loan allows you to meet key business objectives.
  • How to get a small business loan without collateral

    While securing a small business loan with no collateral is entirely feasible, interest rates will generally be higher compared to a loan with collateral. However, there are ways to get better rates with an unsecured loan.

    Loan interest rates and terms will depend on your financial background as well as your business history. Rates and terms will be more favorable if you can demonstrate that:

    a) You have a clean credit report
    b) Your business has a good track record of generating revenue

    Getting a small business loan without collateral is a quick and painless process with L3 Funding. After you apply with our one-page application and provide your business banking statements, we’ll assess your submission. If approved, you will be given loan options to choose from. Once you’ve decided, you’ll sign the contracts and complete any final requirements. In some cases, funding for your business cash loan can be the same business day.

    Your unsecured small business loan options

    Besides from our small business loans, L3 Funding offers two other unsecured loan types for business-related uses:

  • Business cash advances (merchant cash advances): An MCA is when a lender forwards a sum of money to a small business for their use. The small business pays back the lender through a percentage of future sales.

  • Business line of credit: A line of credit provides businesses access to revolving credit. It gives businesses the flexibility to draw money, repay and, redraw again, up to a certain limit.
  • Why L3 Funding

    L3 Funding is the go-to financial resource and solution for small business merchant funding. We understand the difficulties small businesses face in staying competitive in today’s marketplace. We believe small business plays a key role in growing our economy and our communities. That’s why we work hard to provide them with access to quality funding.

    With our streamlined process, get cash into the hands of businesses in a stress-free manner. Where it could take months to get approved for a traditional bank loan, L3 Funding cuts that time significantly by reducing complicated paperwork and processing times.

    When the large banks won’t approve you for a loan, we are here to help. Our goal is to offer businesses with financing so they can maintain cash flow and meet their objectives. Get started on your loan application process today!

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    "We were rapidly scaling but our customers would take too long to pay our invoices. We had to choose between growth or stability. Our bank wouldn't even consider our special circumstances and denied our credit line outright.

    The financing with L3 Funding opened up our cash flow and helped us expand a lot faster than we ever could alone."

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