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Grow Your Business With Equipment Financing

Your new restaurant business is doing great. You’re about to open a second location. Everyone loves your food, your staff, and you. You’re on track to expand!

However, you need a new freezer, coolers, and two additional ovens to open that new location’s doors. Unfortunately, your cash flow can’t support outright buying this new equipment. Still, you want to move quickly on this opportunity. What do you do? L3 Funding is where you’ll find the answer.

We offer equipment financing options to help all types of businesses expand. Feel confident knowing you may obtain the capital investments necessary to help your business successfully grow.

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How Equipment Financing Loans Can Work for You

Equipment loans are used to help your business pay for needed capital expenses. These are usually medium to long-term loans. Financing and its varying formats are available to businesses of all shapes and sizes. They are primarily used for capital investments such as:

  • Renovations
  • Operational hardware
  • New buildings or facilities
  • Machinery
  • Appliances

Such financing can cover fixed expenses that are amortized over long periods of time.

Is equipment financing best for you? Once again, business equipment loans are available to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Most are commonly used by retail, restaurant, and any service industries. Yet, some are small private schools in need of desktop and laptop computers. Others are expanding law firms seeking to finance a larger office building. Whenever you need quick capital for a long-term asset, business equipment financing is a great choice.

Equipment financing will help you make capital investments without straining your cash flow. It could be your financial catalyst that propels your business’s expansion, efficiency, and success. Small business equipment loans are your financial support in times when it is needed most.

Qualifications for Business Loans

Business loan qualifications vary based on the equipment financing type. Regardless, you’ll need to provide these standard documents within your application:

  • Banks statements
  • A copy of your latest credit report
  • Your monthly cash flow statement, if available
  • A statement of your latest accounts receivable

Each document indicates your business’s current financial health. Accounts receivable are listed and especially necessary if you wish to apply and qualify for a merchant cash advance. Also, posting collateral can help your business qualify for lower interest rates and increases the likelihood of approved financing.

Types of Equipment Financing

With financing, you have options. Based on your business needs you may apply for a business cash advance, micro loans, small business working capital, or SBA financing. Although, with equipment financing, you have even more options.

Once you are approved for a loan, you have the freedom to apply for your funding where it is needed most.

Commercial equipment financing has a more general purpose. It can be used to finance and purchase any new equipment that improves the operations of your business.

Used equipment financing is unique. Manufacturers often provide their own financing and set up payment plans for previously owned equipment. Apple is famous for its financing programs on new or refurbished equipment. These vendor financing options are worth looking into if you wish to purchase equipment regardless of its condition. Not to mention, used equipment is often much cheaper and is easier to pay off versus purchasing new.

Equipment lease financing is also an option. This involves renting equipment with the intent to purchase at the end of the lease term. This form of financing should be familiar to anyone who has leased-to-own an automobile, home, or other consumer product.

How to Apply for Equipment Financing

Applying for equipment financing online is easy. Listed are the steps to complete an online application for a commercial equipment loan:

Apply Online: It only takes a few minutes to submit your online application. Preparation is key. Have all of your important financial documents and records in digital PDF format for easy uploading and faster submission. Review the specific requirements and documentation necessary to qualify for a loan online.

Qualify for Financing: For most companies, you will know if you are approved within an hour of submitting your application. For larger amounts, a company representative may personally reach out to you. Upon approval, we share our expertise and help you determine which funding option is right for your business. We will also get in touch with you to discuss these offers over the phone.

Get Funded: After you select your financing option, sign the contract, and complete any additional requirements. You may receive your cash all at once or throughout a payment schedule. It simply depends on the agreement between you and your lender as well as your form of financing.

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"Our distributors were charging us premiums because we didn't have the money to pay for our inventory in advance. L3 arranged a merchant cash advance within days and we were able to capitalize on huge discounts available to much larger businesses. We've never looked back since and consider L3 a long tern partner."

Chad, Spokane, WA


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"Our oven stopped working right before our busy tourist season and our bank denied our loan request. L3 Funding was able to get us the cash we needed in a couple of days and we were back in business in time to handle the rush of customers. L3 has been an awesome partner and they really provide peace of mind."

Alex, Myrtle Beach, SC


Total Funding Deposited

24 hours

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"We were rapidly scaling but our customers would take too long to pay our invoices. We had to choose between growth or stability. Our bank wouldn't even consider our special circumstances and denied our credit line outright. The financing with L3 Funding opened up our cash flow and helped us expand a lot faster than we ever could alone."

Justin, Austin, TX


Total Funding Deposited

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