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Funding Amounts From

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Merchant Funding
Services & Solutions

Instant access to capital

Merchant Cash Advance

  • Fixed cost of capital
  • Same-day funding available
  • Not based on credit score
  • Funding up to $5 million

Funds available in days

Business Loans

  • Weekly & monthly payment terms
  • Unsecured options available
  • Less paperwork than the bank
  • Loans up to $10 million

Fast access to a revolving line of credit

Line of Credit

  • Funds available on demand
  • Draw as little or as much as needed
  • Pay for what you draw
  • Credit lines up to $10 million

Proprietary underwriting technology, combined with awesome people

Simple application process

Complete our one-page application with bank statements and let us get to work

Underwriting done in minutes

Our proprietary scoring system will deliver underwriting decisions in a flash. Sit tight — we're still working

Talk to a human, not an algorithm

You're more than just a number. After our software does its magic, an actual person (!) will walk you through your options

Let professionals do the heavy lifting for you

90% of applications to banks for working capital are declined. We approve almost 80% of businesses that apply with us

How Does Our
Process Work?

1. Apply Online

No need to waste your time and efforts with long applications - just send us our 1 page application and 4 months of your most recent business banking statements and we'll get to work.

2. Underwriting

Once we receive your application and bank statements, our software processes it and gives a score to your business based on our set criteria. This enables us to determine the best MCA funding options for you.

3. Review Offers

If you are approved for the cash advance or a business loan, one of our funding professionals will get in touch with you to discuss the available business advance cash loan offers and terms over the phone.

4. Funded!

After you sign contracts and complete the requirements - we'll send the funding over via wire transfer or ACH. Typically, funding is done same-day or next day on a merchant cash advance.

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"Our distributors were charging us premiums because we didn't have the money to pay for our inventory in advance. L3 arranged a merchant cash advance within days and we were able to capitalize on huge discounts available to much larger businesses. We've never looked back since and consider L3 a long tern partner."

Chad, Spokane, WA


Total Funding Deposited

4 hours

Time to funding

"Our oven stopped working right before our busy tourist season and our bank denied our loan request. L3 Funding was able to get us the cash we needed in a couple of days and we were back in business in time to handle the rush of customers. L3 has been an awesome partner and they really provide peace of mind."

Alex, Myrtle Beach, SC


Total Funding Deposited

24 hours

Time to funding

"We were rapidly scaling but our customers would take too long to pay our invoices. We had to choose between growth or stability. Our bank wouldn't even consider our special circumstances and denied our credit line outright. The financing with L3 Funding opened up our cash flow and helped us expand a lot faster than we ever could alone."

Justin, Austin, TX


Total Funding Deposited

48 hours

Time to funding

You have questions, we've got answers

What is Merchant Funding and How Does It Work?

Merchant funding is a term that encompasses multiple business financing methods. These methods are used by companies in retail, restaurant, or leisure industries to cover various operational and growth costs. And at L3 Funding, we offer a range of merchant funding services, including business loans, line of credit, and cash advance.

Merchant funding is an excellent option for periods where sales are down and an influx of cash is necessary—L3 Funding's merchant funding solutions are processed quickly, allowing you to immediately cover costs and avoid disruption to your business. Our primary goal is to find the best solution for every business, which is why we provide a few accelerated merchant funding options: so that you can find the best option suited to your situation.

How Does the Application Process Work?

If you want to apply for merchant business funding, you will be happy to find that the process of application is relatively quick and simple. When you choose to apply for merchant funding through L3 Funding, you can simply fill out a one-page application, include four months of your business banking statements, and we will take over the process from there.

Our software will process your application and provide you with a credit score that will help us determine the best business merchant funding options for your situation. At this point, our funding professionals will reach out to you personally and go through the available financing options, letting you know the terms and offers available so that you can make an educated decision.

Once an agreement is reached and the contracts are signed, you will promptly receive funding and can start using it right away to run your business.

What Can Merchant Funding Be Used For?

Now that we've broken down the main types of merchant capital funding, let's explore some of the most common reasons that businesses might consider applying for these types of funding.

One of the more common situations for undertaking merchant funding is to sustain the growth of a company—successful businesses need to take advantage of momentum when opening up new locations or expanding their operations, which sometimes requires agile funding-on-demand.

Other times, unforeseen expenses might make it necessary to seek merchant credit funding – no one is protected from unexpected issues arising, but having the resources to deal with issues as they arise can often help prevent disruption and allow the business to continue functioning as usual.

Finally, when a business is experiencing a boom in sales, it might become necessary to stock up on inventory in advance, which can end up being a significant investment requiring capital merchant funding.

What Types of Businesses Does L3 Funding Work With?

We understand the importance of capital for small and medium businesses. That's why at L3 Funding, we focus our efforts on providing flexible and personalized solutions to our diverse customers.

Dealing with banks can be a challenge, so we have a process for providing powerful financial tools and options to small businesses without the necessity of going through a lengthy and complicated application process with a bank.

When dealing with L3 Funding, you don't need collateral to get funding; we provide the ability to leverage your business using unsecured business loans.

Our clients also enjoy the ability to set their own weekly or monthly payment schedules, and can save on interest if they repay early without any prepayment penalties.

Why L3 Funding is the Right Choice for Your Needs

When operating a small company, you need a merchant funding company that is on your side and understands the challenges faced by today's businesses.

L3 Funding can help you overcome these challenges and achieve your financial goals, enabling you to make smart business decisions for your future. We want you to feel confident in the knowledge that you have the capital available to execute your plans.

We're also dedicated to taking the time to go through your merchant funding options so that you clearly understand the possibilities and can identify your ideal fit.

The team at L3 Funding is invested in your success, as our success is dependent on our clients' growth and prosperity. Apply for the working capital you need today!

Should I Apply for a Cash Advance, a Business Loan, or a Line of Credit?

At L3 Funding, we provide three main types of merchant funding— business cash advances, business loans, and lines of credit. These options each include different benefits and details to consider, so let's explore how each of them in turn:

• A cash advance, or an MCA (Merchant Cash Advance), is an increasingly popular type of funding that provides an instant influx of funds to help you with running your business. It also comes with a fixed cost of capital and is not based on a credit score, allowing you to get funding of up to 5 million dollars regardless of your high or low credit.

• A business loan might be the most familiar merchant funding option of the three; it utilizes a traditional weekly or monthly payment schedule. But at L3 Funding, we also offer unsecured loan options and can get you a loan of up to 10 million dollars with much less paperwork than the bank.

• The line of credit serves as a funding-on-demand source, which allows you to draw from the credit at any time, and as much or as little as you need. You only have to pay for what you draw, and can also get up to 10 million in credit, to be used at any time. This means it's available when you have unexpected expenses, or need to finance day-to-day operations quickly.

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