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Marketing to Generation X: How to Market To This Group

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Marketing to Generation X: How to Market To This Group

Marketing to Generation X presents its own unique challenges. This generation embodies shopping characteristics from both their older baby boomer counterparts and the younger Generation Y (more commonly known as millennials). Understanding Generation X marketing characteristics and what makes this generation unique will help you to access a tremendous amount of buying power. Here’s what you need to know about Gen X marketing.

Who is Generation X?

Members of this generation were born between 1965 and 1980. This presents a problem because older Generation Xers are more like baby boomers than their younger counterparts. Marketing to Gen X means embracing both online eCommerce and more traditional forms of advertising. Most businesses agree that Generation X marketing is the hardest type of marketing there is.

Statistics on Gen X

To understand the nuances of Gen X, you need to know how they shop and where they spend, so here are some eye-opening statistics to get started:

  • 72% use the Internet to research products online despite the fact they prefer traditional TV and newspaper channels.
  • 95% of Generation Xers own a Facebook account, which means social media is a powerful strategy for marketing to Generation X.
  • Generation X is the most loyal of all the generations. Invest in acquiring repeat Gen X customers for a big boost to your business.
  • Generation Xers spend three hours on their smartphones daily. Mobile marketing is not just for the younger generation. Optimize your brand to deliver a memorable mobile experience.
  • 54% of Generation Xers feel overlooked by brands. Anyone who can show them differently will be able to take advantage of huge Generation X spending power.

What are the Best Channels for Marketing to Gen X?

Knowing how to market to Generation X opens up a powerful income stream for your business. Unfortunately, Generation X marketing strategies are vast and cover most forms of marketing, from traditional advertising to modern digital marketing channels. We know that most Generation Xers have a presence on Facebook, which opens up social media ads. We also know they’re on mobile, so it’s well worth optimizing your store for that as well.

At the same time, Generation Xers want to feel like they matter. Tap into nostalgia marketing and aim your marketing directly at them. Employ repeat customer acquisition techniques to bolster your profitability. Let’s look at some tips for marketing to Gen X in practice.

How to Market to Gen X

Generation X advertising is all about mixing traditional and modern marketing techniques. This small but mighty generation could transform the prospects of your business if you get the marketing right.

1. Go Where they Live

Studies show that the vast majority of Generation Xers have a presence on Facebook and YouTube. Target these digital channels for maximum effect. You might not find them on Instagram or Tik Tok, but with so many relying on Facebook and YouTube for entertainment, you’ll find them there.

2. Blend Traditional Advertising

TV and radio spots remain a powerful option for targeting this age range. Billboards along a popular highway can also attract the attention of Gen X. With traditional advertising becoming less important, adopting an omnichannel approach doesn’t have to be as expensive as before. Radio ads on Spotify and other similar online radios can be a great way to reach your audience.

3. Offer Loyalty Programs

This generation is the most loyal, but to get their loyalty, you need to show loyalty. Using rewards programs and loyalty cards for marketing to Generation X is extremely powerful. Create great rewards programs, and you’ll win these discount hunters over. Make sure you scope out the competition because that’s what Gen X is doing before they part with their cash.

4. Appeal to Security

Security should be a big aspect of these marketing campaigns. This generation is on the cusp of retirement; therefore, they’re not looking for risk. They’re looking for security in the products and services they buy. Market yourself as a hassle-free experience, and you’ll attract more Gen Xers.

5. Be Practical

Generation X is characterized by a practical approach. This was the generation that saw the birth of the Internet and technology, but who also remember what life was like before these conveniences. They don’t like to beat around the bush. Your marketing materials should get to the heart of the matter immediately. Gen X has no time for nonsense. Focus on the practical advantages of your goods and services.


The difficulties of defining how to market to Generation X have led to many brands overlooking them entirely. The more you know about this generation, the more you’ll see that it’s not so difficult to appeal to their needs. If you’re starting a Gen X-focused business, you need funding to get your venture off the ground. Get financed with the help of L3 Funding. From SBA loans to merchant cash advances, apply for financing today.