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Small Business Team Building: Techniques & Activity Ideas

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Small Business Team Building Techniques

97% of employees and executives believe that a lack of alignment between colleagues has a negative income on project or task outcomes. 

And yet, when it comes to small business team building, many companies still don’t have a structured and proven approach for improving cohesion, strengthening communication, and nurturing a positive work environment.

Building company culture takes time and effort, but it revolves around making conscious and dedicated actions towards improving the vital communication and collaboration skills. A great way to work towards a healthy company culture is through business team building activities.

So, to help you get started, let’s figure out what is team building in business and go over some of the most crucial small office team building ideas that you should consider.

Top Small Business Team Building Ideas

Let Loose

One of the most important team-building techniques is helping your employees get loose before you try to instill better communications practices or simulate various scenarios. 

Remember, people are likely to be tense and a bit nervous, since they will be in a social setting among their professional peers and won’t be sure exactly what will be expected of them.

To remedy the situation, consider starting off with some fun and engaging activities that will create a healthy competitive atmosphere and allow your team to bond.

For instance, you could organize an office trivia competition and set up quizzes where people have to guess details about each other, pop culture, general knowledge, or anything else you might think of.

You could also encourage visual thinking and help people to get creative by playing charades, or even by putting together an escape room, which would also force your staff to work together.

Whichever approach you end up choosing, remember that the most important thing is to maintain a comfortable environment for everyone involved while challenging people in ways that they aren’t used to at work.

Get Social

Volunteering is one of the best small office team building activities because it not only helps to promote togetherness and encourages people to work together, but also allows your employees to bond over accomplishing something meaningful.

Team building for a small group and volunteering are an excellent combination because they bring the values your company represents into practice, helping to build a positive company culture. By helping those in need, you will also build stronger connections with your local community, showing your business in a positive light and attracting people that might want to work for you.

But what types of volunteering activities would work best for small business team building? 

Well, if your area has animal shelters or community support causes, that might be a good starting point. These types of places can usually use all the help they can get and can provide your team with a rewarding sense of accomplishment.

If you want to contribute in a charitable way as well, you and your team could host a fundraiser, or assemble care packages for a cause that you all believe in.

Alternatively, you can get outdoors and enjoy the beautiful weather by banding together with your team and cleaning up a public space, such as a park or a beach.

Learn and Grow

Helping your staff grow and improve is not only essential for improving productivity, but it’s also crucial for the long-term success of your company.

That is why the small business team building ideas that you consider should incorporate professional development elements that provide your employees with opportunities to grow professionally, learn new skills, and expand their expertise.

As your workers improve and broaden their understanding, their experience will help them become more productive in their job. It will be just as beneficial from a team standpoint, as employees can feed off each other’s positive energy and more quickly overcome obstacles together.

But what are some of the best small business team building activities that facilitate professional development as well?

Well, you could organize a workshop with a guest speaker who could help employees learn a new skill, deepen their knowledge on a subject, or answer any questions that they might have about their career trajectories and professional goals.

You could also put together team building trips for employees, going to conferences together, and discussing what you learn throughout.

Finally, you could organize inner-company mentorship programs where more experienced colleagues mentor younger ones, passing on their experiences and knowledge and forming valuable bonds in the process.

Dine Out

Sometimes, you don’t need to overthink small business team building. Simply providing your employees with a way to unwind together on a pleasant evening out can be enough.

Take your staff out for dinner to celebrate a milestone, or just because you want them to spend time together. You could even take it to the next level and have a barbeque, encouraging people to bring their own foods and showcase their personal recipes. 

When you allow colleagues to hang out in an informal setting, they are bound to learn more about each other and form stronger bonds, which usually translates into a more dedicated and cohesive work atmosphere as well. 

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