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Funding amounts from $10,000 to $10 million

Funding Amounts From

$10,000 – $10 million

Funding terms from 6 to 18 months

Available Terms

6 – 18 months

Same day deposits

Time To Funding

Same Day Deposit

Empower your business with the flexible financing you need.

Instant access to capital

Merchant Cash Advance

  • Fixed cost of capital
  • Same-day funding available
  • Not based on credit score
  • Funding up to  $5 million
Funds available in days

Business Loans

  • Weekly & monthly payment terms
  • Unsecured options available
  • Less paperwork than the bank
  • Loans up to  $10 million
Fast access to a revolving line of credit

Line of Credit

  • Funds available on demand
  • Draw as little or as much as needed
  • Pay for what you draw
  • Credit lines up to  $10 million

Get a Business Cash Advance to Expand Your Business Without All the Extra Paperwork

Are you having trouble finding the working capital you need to grow your business? Whether you need a business cash advance to cover payroll, expand your business or just to buy equipment- where do you go for MCA funding when the bank declines your loan request? Banks decline almost 90% of business loan applications. At L3 Funding we provide an alternative — we approve almost 90% of business applications for funding. In 2019, alternative finance offers better products and fast service for small business loans and merchant cash advances.

MCA Funding provides a have quick, safe, and hassle-free small business cash advance solution for your business. At L3 Funding, we help you to expand your business and financial landscape by providing easy MCA funding with minimal paperwork and no collateral requirements. A Merchant Cash Advance gives you a quick cash advance for business which you can spend in any way that works for your company. With this flexible financing solution, you make payments back as you’re being paid.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A Merchant Cash Advance is a better funding option for small businesses without all the paperwork required for a bank loan. A cash advance or term business loan gives you access to instant cash that you can receive based on your monthly bank deposits. The funds are deposited directly in your business bank account — usually within just hours.

There is no annual rate to worry about, we charge a fixed fee over the cost of capital - making this the simplest transaction your business will handle all year. Same day funding is available — we give companies time to focus on their businesses while we handle financing.

Why Choose L3 Funding Over Other Merchant Cash Advance Lenders?

L3 Funding provides your business with MCA funding based on your bank deposits or a credit card processing statements. As an established name in business cash advance and term loans — we provide stress-free and quick alternatives to traditional funding options for your business.

Our MCA funding option gives you a lump sum cash amount to spend any way you deem fit for your business without complicated and lengthy processing, excessive paperwork or restrictions on spending. This type of product makes it easy to secure working capital — leaving you more time to focus on your customers.

Other Highlights of Our Business Cash Advance Include:

  • Get a merchant cash advance from $10,000 up to $10 million in funding.
  • Terms range from 6-18 months. Rates vary depending on numerous factors.
  • Funds available in your bank account within just hours.
  • Merchant cash funds deposited into your bank account directly.
  • No credit requirements, collateral required or a pre-payment penalty.
  • Handle payroll, expansion or pay for inventory with a merchant cash advance for business.
  • Pay only fixed cost without a variable interest rate or an APR.
  • You receive funds on your terms.
  • Automated cash payments.
  • The entire process can be done remotely. No need to visit our office or the bank. Just email everything over or give us a ring!

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Advantages of Merchant Advance Cash Over a Business Loan

Unlike the traditional loans and financing options, with a merchant advance cash, the business cash advance lenders buy your future sales for a certain discounted amount. You receive a lump sum cash amount when you sign the contract.

In return, the merchant cash advance lenders will take their fixed daily or weekly payments by ACH directly out of your account or a specified percentage of your business credit card sales until the purchased amount is fully paid. Here are some of the advantages of MCA funding.

You get the funds deposited amount quickly in your bank account.

There are certain situations in business where you need immediately access to capital to resolve a new issue or take advantage of an opportunity. In a situation like this, a quick business cash advance is the fastest way to get the capital you need quickly.

No restrictions on how you spend the borrowed money.

Most of the small business loans have restrictions on how you should spend the borrowed money. A Merchant Cash Advance does not come with any such restrictions - as long as the funds are spent for the business. This flexibility is a big plus point of this quick cash funding option.

Credit score is not important.

When you apply for a loan from a bank or through any other financing option, they scrutinize your credit history. Any imperfections on your credit score or history means a decline. This is not the case with a merchant cash advance. With our simple and quick online application process, you can qualify for the advance even with shaky credit. We only require that you be in good standing with any outstanding advances or loans from other lenders/funders.

No need to risk your assets.

There is no need to risk your financial assets for MCA funding. Our underwriting team heavily relies on the analysis of your banking statements so we do not require financials or collateral pledged for MCA funding.

How Does Our Process Work?

L3 Funding makes it super quick and simple for you to apply for a business cash advance. Our process does not require extensive and stressful paperwork and long processing times. Here's how it works in four simple steps.

1 Apply Online

No need to waste your time and efforts with long applications - just send us our 1 page application and 4 months of your most recent business banking statements and we'll get to work.

2 Underwriting

Once we receive your application and bank statements, our software processes it and gives a score to your business based on our set criteria. This enables us to determine the best MCA funding options for you.

3 Review Offers

If you are approved for the cash advance or a business loan, one of our funding professionals will get in touch with you to discuss the available business advance cash loan offers and terms over the phone.


After you sign contracts and complete the requirements - we'll send the funding over via wire transfer or ACH. Typically, funding is done same-day or next day on a merchant cash advance.

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"We landed a contract with Walmart and were scrambling for the financing we needed to buy inventory. Half a dozen banks said no before we called the team at L3.

They understood the need to expedite the process and worked with our team to make sure everything got done. These guys just get us and what we do."

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